Comprehensive Interior Design 

      Your personal interior design journey will begin with a friendly

      meeting, where we can both get to know each other, find out what 

      your lifestyle and needs are and discuss budget and timescale for 

      the project.

      We will then meet you again to present concept and discuss any 

      changes you may want to bring in.



         Once the design is agreed, we will then provide you with:


  •    Scheme sample board

  •    Floor plan, lights planning, elevations

  •    3D Space planning

  •    Specification of materials, accessories, and all finishing touches.


Project Management

We will look after your project every step of the way, guide trades, arrange and overlook deliveries and make sure all runs smooth, according to design and within the budget.

We will be liaising with you throughout the whole process making it easy and well organised.


 Decor Advice  


         This package is suitable for client's who have got a certain idea of what they would 

            like they interiors to look like but they are not sure how to visualise it and utilise 

            the property to its best potential.

   We will arrange a friendly meeting with you and have a detailed

      discussion to learn about their preferences, likes and dislikes, 

      the lifestyle, function of the room and your expectations.


      We will then go away and prepare a comprehensive interior design

      report on colours and design elements involved and talk you  

      through each and every detail.


      You will decide as to how much or how little you want us to get

      involved and we will create the space you will feel comfortable

      working or living in. 

      Charges for interior designer's work vary, according to the size and

      complexity of the project.


      Please contact us to discuss your needs and what we can do to create 

      the functional and stylish interiors for you.


Landscape design service


We will design the outside of your property or a business to tie it with the interiors. Stylish and functional outdoor space and front kerb appeal is the key to a complete design inside out.