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                              Welcome to Starburst Interior Designs

   If you are looking to re-design your home or business, we are the experts 

   you need!

   With our attention to detail, bespoke design and functionality, spatial

   awareness we will deliver spectacular interior on a budget and timely. 


We have it covered and you can relax...

  We are interior designers based in Halesowen, however we can travel to

  your property invidious areas such as Birmingham, Edgbaston, Harborne,

  Quinton and more.

  We work with Clients on small room makeovers and large, comprehensive

  designs for the whole house or business.


Let us 
design interiors that match your lifestyle
bring a fresh breeze

Our designs are inspired by the flavours of the World!

We observe people and their cultures to create a magic blend of colour,

style and unique feel!

         We have a unique style... the style that fits right into your lifestyle and your needs to make the space easier to manage, create storage you need and make the interior comfortable and stylish.

         We will listen, learn as much as needed about you and your family to create that one special look YOU WANT!